I Exist! ((ARCHIVED))


Well, this is my first blog post. What do I even say? Hmm . . .

If anyone hasn’t met me, hi, I’m daphrose, also known as Rosie! I’m a wild, crazy, sweet, dark, mysterious, friendly, evil, forgetful, unpredictable writer and fangirl. My dream is to become an published author, or possibly write scripts for movies/TV shows (but I kinda doubt that will happen). I’m really weird and random. I love Star Wars, Lab Rats, and Skillet. Oh! And I love Jesus. Like, a lot. I try to make that evident. Still, I’ll respect people of other faiths, even if I don’t agree with youso long as you respect me too. Just know that I’m sticking to my beliefs as well. One more thing: I have no idea how to work this site, so we’ll do this by trial and error. Nice to meet you!

So, basically I’m gonna use this blog for a few things.

First of all, to let my readers know about updates. If you haven’t yet, check me out on FanFiction.Net and FictionPress under the same name (daphrose). If you follow me on one of those, I’ll be posting updates about my writing over here. You know, which story I’m working on and how it’s going and stuff. If I’m stuck in a particularly bad slump of writer’s block, I’ll probably talk a lot over here. Basically, if you’re wondering about the progress of a certain story, check here, because chances are I’ve talked about it.

Second, I’ll talk about life. ‘Cause, you know, I get lonely. Okay, okay, I’m only half kidding. Still, it’ll be nice to have a place to vent. FanFiction isn’t always the best place to do that. I like talking things out, so hopefully this will be a good thing for me. Don’t expect anything too personal; I’m consider myself pretty conscious about internet safety. But prepare for general stuff that you probably don’t care about but I’ll talk about anyway.

Now, stories . . .

Finished the first chapter of “Trust None,” a Lab Rats fanfiction, which was previously titled “You’ll Go Down With Me.” I might post the prologue sometime this weekend. It’s not going to be my best story, I’m warning you now. It’s got a bit of a jumpy plot, but I think I’ve got it worked out . . . mostly. On my FF page it says it’s Sebree. That’s partially true. Bree and Sebastian are the main characters, but the romance part is . . . complicated. The prologue will make that plenty clear. However, “Trust None” will have a sequel. That’s a fact, because it doesn’t end very well. It will probably be called “Trust All,” but I don’t know. We’ll see. Anyway, “Trust All” will probably have a bit more Sebree in it. Besides “Trust None,” I’ll be working on “We Deserve Freedom” soon. Which means I get to post Chapter 27 soon. Oh boy. I almost cried while writing it, so we’ll see how you guys like it. And if you’ve never visited my FanFiction page, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. Oh well.

Now life . . .

I’ve been building my website all day (daphrose.com). I’ve got the front page done, and I’m working on this blog so I can post it there. Yeah. Been sitting in my room for a while just working on that. Also, listening to music on shuffle. Got “Beautiful Day” by Jamie Grace playing right now. I’ve also listened to lots of TobyMac, Ashes Remain, Britt Nicole, and Skillet (lots and lots of Skillet). And I stubbed all of my toes on a chair. They’re still red. I’m such a klutz.

Was that random? Good. I know one day I’ll look back at this post and think, “Wow, I was such an idiot back then.” Hi future me! You’re so right . . .

All right, well, if I haven’t scared you away already, I look forward to sharing my thoughts on this site and having a good way to inform my readers about what’s coming up next. Blogging on my FF profile wasn’t working out too well. I’m pretty excited to be on here. See you all later!

~ Rosie


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