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In That Moment


(A Big Hero 6 fanfiction poem. Genres: Poetry/tragedy. Warning for death scene.)

* * * In That Moment * * *


But he couldn’t go back

His brother’s cries wouldn’t stop him

There was a life

Inside that burning building

A life that needed saving

So he ran

Into the flames

The heat brushing his face

And his heart pounding

His hat fell behind

But he didn’t turn to get it

Time was of the essence

Into the flames

With the love for his professor

Outweighing his fear

Heat scorched his face

And melted his skin

Debris fell beside him

And he didn’t care

“Professor Callaghan!”


His voice was weak

Smoke filled his eyes

And made them burn

He didn’t care


He coughed

And rubbed his eyes

Then he saw in the corner

The microbots moving

And beneath them

His beloved professor

The bots would save him

Professor Callaghan was safe

Tadashi sighed

Now for Hiro

He turned to the door

And that was when he saw it

The flames

Like a roaring lion

Looking to devour him

He knew then

That he would never leave the building

In that moment

Tadashi saw his life flash before his eyes

His mother and father

Showing him his baby brother

Laughing at his dad’s attempt

To make a funny face

Hugs from his mother

After a scary movie

Aunt Cass

Fawning over the boys

In that moment

He remembered the dark side of life

He saw the two graves

Side by side

On a cold, rainy day

Would a third grave be beside them

After this moment was over?

He saw his brother

His baby brother

Crying and whining

Because he could never understand

Why Mommy and Daddy wouldn’t come home

He saw his own face

In the mirror

Streaked with tears

Questioning his very existence

He saw the pain in his own eyes

The fear and the doubt

The worry and pain

That would never go away

But he smiled

He always smiled for his brother

No matter how much it hurt

On the inside

And one day

Perhaps by chance

Maybe by fate

He understood

Life is short

And fleeting

So make the most while you have it

Don’t mourn for others

When they would want you to sing

In that moment

Tadashi thought of his brother

And how he would feel

Now that he understood death

Hiro, my brother

Know that I love you

Don’t sit around moping

Live life

Have adventures

Don’t ever stop hoping

Hiro, my brother

I love you

I’ll watch over you

Never lose hope

Don’t slip into a place of despair

Live for me, brother

Do what I never could

Be the man I could never be

Love when it hurts

Hope while you cry

Care when you’re empty

And never say die

I love you

Hiro, my brother

In that moment, Tadashi spread his arms out wide

He took a final breath

He didn’t fight the flames

His time was now

This was the final moment

Soon he would be with his mother and father

They would be together again

How could he be sad about that?

His only regret

Was leaving his baby brother behind

In that moment

The flames consumed him

Hiro, my brother

I love you


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