Life 'n' Stuff

A New Look

I just told my best friend about this via video chat. So now it’s time to tell all my followers! You ready? Y’all ready?

I got glasses!

So take whatever mental image you had of me (if you had one, that is) and add a pair of purple glasses, because that’s what I look like now!

Turns out I’m near-sighted, and I have 20/70 vision. So I can’t see anything more than a few feet away from my face. I can’t see the screen at church (you know, the one that has the words to all the songs) or the TV when I’m sitting on the couch. Apparently this is a pretty new thing; something I grew into.

Let me just say, having glasses is pretty awesome. The world has so much detail! It’s very exciting. I’m still trying to get used to it, but I’m happy. Any other glasses-wearers out there got any tips for me?

I’ve been working a lot on writing this week. The biggest update about that is the fact that I think I’ll add a prologue to War Torn. I’m trying to decide if I’ll change the point of view of War Torn from first to third, but I don’t think I will. The prologue will be in third person, and it will help develop the character of one of our devious villains, who becomes vitally important to the story later on.

Hmm, I think that’s it. I’m just really excited about my glasses. I had to tell someone, you know? Well, besides all my best friends. So, if any of you care about my life, there you have it. And if you want something more substantial than that, soon I’ll be positing something about how new glasses relate to God. Stay tuned for that!

~ Rosie


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