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Home! Illness!

Church camp was amazing. Need I say more? I got back on Friday, and I’ve been resting for two days. What? Lights out was midnight, and Rosie don’t do well with such little sleep. Still, it was amazing. Most of the girls in our cabin rededicated their lives to Christ (in case you’re curious, I was not one of them) and about ten people accepted God into their hearts. And I met with some friends I haven’t seen in a year, ate some delicious camp food, played rec games, and screamed until my throat was dry.

Maybe that’s why it hurts so bad today.

I’m sick! Luckily this set in after camp, but still, bleeeeeergh, it’s not fun. I woke up this morning with the worst sore throat, and I can’t even talk. I sincerely hope it’s not strep. I’ve had strep before and I know it’s not fun. Still, my nose is all runny, and my mom says that means it’s not strep. I hope she’s right.

Guys, I’m still wearing my pajamas. Like, I haven’t changed at all today. I played some World of Warcraft, watched Liv and Maddie, Bad Hair Day (a DCOM), and Lab Rats, and ate ice cream and popsicles because nothing else feels good.

Oh, and I gave my dad a hug, because it’s Father’s Day! Yeah, he’s sick too now. (Not because I hugged him!) Same thing, I think. Sore throat, headache, yeah. My mom was going to make cake, but she decided to hold off on it since almost half our family can’t enjoy it. But anyway. I was going to write a post all about dads and Father’s Day and stuff, but I’m not sure that I will. I kinda think I might just go back to watching Lab Rats. . . .

So, how has your guys’ week been? I’ll post more about camp later on when I’m feeling better. There’s definitely some stuff I learned that I’d love to share. Also, there are general weird camp stories that are so much fun and will hopefully make you laugh. So, catch you guys later!

(Will someone pass me a tissue?)


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