Five Annoying Things About Thank You Blog Posts (And Why I’m Writing One) ((ARCHIVED))


Came across this video the other day . . .

In case you did know, it’s a parody of Blimey Cow’s videos. If you’ve never seen Blimey Cow, you’d better click this link RIGHT NOW!!!

So, I don’t have a YouTube account, and I’m a little late, but I thought I’d try this out. Without further ado, here’s Five Annoying Things About Thank You Blog Posts (And Why I’m Writing One).

1. Favorite . . . Everything!

You know, when they start talking about all their favorite things about whatever they’re talking about. Example . . .

My favorite episode is The One About Big Head Kid! But of course I love love love Seven Lies About Homeschoolers.

My favorite character is . . . DUH . . . Big Head Kid! But I love Cool Jordan too. “Homeschooled? So does that mean you were a genius or an idiot?”

My favorite show line is: “Let me get this straight: You spend eight hours a day in a specific classroom at a specific time . . . every day?! And I’m the one that’s missing out on life experiences? Heeeeeeeeeeeck no!  I got up at six in the morning so I could get all my school done so I could make a tire swing outside. My life is awesome!” – Jordan Taylor, Seven Lies About Homeschoolers.

2. They Re-enact Stuff All the Time

They shows props and things they use to imitate different characters. Like so:


I totally don’t put on these fake purple glasses and pretend to be a female version of Big Head Kid. That would just be crazy! Haha . . . haha . . . ha . . .

3. This Thing Changed My Life

Here’s where they get all sappy and talk about how this has completely changed the course of their life, and without it they’d be a very different person. Kinda like this:

Blimey Cow is just . . . amazing. What else can I even say? I love coming to their channel every Monday and watching the new video. It’s always so funny and I love everything they put out. And their old videos never go out of style either. I will laugh at the same joke a hundred times; it never stops being funny.

Whenever I’m sick or having a bad day or just generally feeling pretty upset and sad, I go to Blimey Cow and rewatch several of their videos. They always lift my spirits, and I walk away with a smile on my face. Every time.

It’s so nice to see good, wholesome entertainment on YouTube. What’s better than a bunch of formerly-homeschooled Christians making videos? A bunch of formerly-homeschooled Christians making videos with high levels of sarcasm. (Seriously, I appreciate the sarcasm.)

Blimey Cow will always be my favorite YouTube channel. If they ever stopped, I’d probably cry. No, not probably. I would cry. They’ve had their ups and downs, but I always love what they come up with. They’ve got a strong faith and a funny attitude, and they’re fun and funny and great. Plus, who doesn’t love Jordan’s laugh?!

4. Thank You, Thank You, and, Wait for It, Thank You!


5. Someone Decides to Write a Thank You Blog Post to Thank the People That Have Changed Their Life

Well . . .

There you have it! Five annoying things about Thank You blog posts! Thanks to the creators of that video for the idea. All the credit for this goes to them.

Oh! One more thing!

The people who sponsored the video at the top also sponsored this post! So here comes the advertisement train, woot woot!

Have you ever wanted to get absolutely nothing? Well, now you can! If you go to, you’ll get a free trial for nothing of your choice! You know you want to do it. Who wouldn’t? Go ahead, sign up now for nothing at all!

Ah, that was fun. So anyway, thank you, Blimey Cow, again, for absolutely everything you’ve done. I highly doubt they’re ever going to read this post, but whatever. I’ll still say thanks. You guys have so many fans out there, and we all love you so much. So even if I’m not subscribed because I’m not on YouTube, I still watch and enjoy and laugh and learn and love. Thank you for 200 amazing Messy Mondays episodes, and keep them coming! You know we’ll always support you.

And of course, thank to those Blimey Cow fans who put this all together. It was so neat to see. I’m so proud to be a part of the Cowmoonity! So long, my friends, and don’t forget to keep your phone off at the movies and drink plenty of apple cider vinegar!


4 thoughts on “Five Annoying Things About Thank You Blog Posts (And Why I’m Writing One) ((ARCHIVED))

  1. Hahaha! I’m with you . . . Those are two of my fav vids from them too 😊 Those and the ‘You Might Be A Homeschooler If’ series. You seriously got me ADDICTED to that channel……. Blimey Cow and Fanfiction….all this here homie needs in life 😂

    Speaking of You Tube, if you wanna watch my video, my mom MIGHT let me send you the link in a PM. We’ll see…. 😃


    • I know, right?! I haven’t stopped watching them since I started. Haha, we could be twins. 😉 Ooh! Don’t forget Imagine Dragons. 😉

      Oh, that would be cool! You’ll have to let me know.


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