A Desperate Prayer for Protection ((ARCHIVED))

((ARCHIVED)) Dear God, There's a fire blazing just a few miles from my house. Right by the same places we shop, where we eat and play and get together. Not far from my friends. Not far from me. I haven't been this scared in a long time, God. My fingers are shaking so much I … Continue reading A Desperate Prayer for Protection ((ARCHIVED))


I’m leery of a God that I can understand.

Sometimes we can’t understand God . . . and I’m okay with that. What a wonderful post!

Jovan Jones

I am leery of a God that I can understand. What arrogance is that? That we have to have a God we can understand and everything He does makes sense to us? That limits the greatness of God to the intellectual capacity of a human. Clearly, if we look at the created world we can see that an intelligence was, and is, at work that far surpasses our own…an intelligence that were we to multiple the capacity of every brain on the earth as long as there’s been humans would still exceed our own…it would have to. How else could there be a constantly expanding universe that doesn’t unravel? How else could there be universes within a drop of water? How else is time and space all an illusion, a construct? Every time we discover something even more minute, we find there’s more to it.

And we have the audacity…

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