Take It off the Shelves Already!

Expiried Food

Let me tell you a woeful tale of pizza and expiration dates.

My pizza expired!

We’ve had problems with our local grocery store before (I’ve decided not to say the name of it–it’s a big company–but if this happens again, I just might), but this is getting ridiculous.

I wanted frozen pizza tonight. That sounded delicious. So my mom had me warm up the oven–a big deal, since it’s pretty hot here this week. But when she took out the pizzas to cook them, she discovered that the frozen pizzas she bought last week were expired. And I’m not talking a few days ago. One expired June 10th. The other? May 13th. That almost three months ago!

And I’ve seen a lot of people who say that, you know, it’s fine if it’s past the expiration date! Well, that’s all well and good, but the pizza was pink. Pink! All of it. That’s not what a pizza’s supposed to look like. It looked like rotting meat.

Chew me out, say it’s a first world problem, but the fact remains that grocery stores are supposed to have fresh food out. Whatever happened to quality control?

This has happened to my mom before. She wanted to buy pepperoni for my brother, but when she checked the date at the store, it was well past its expiration date. So, of course, she told one of the employees and watched them take it out. She came back a week later, and the expired food was back.

No. Just no.

So, to that big, giant, powerful, wealthy corporation who’s still putting out rotten produce and expired foods . . . quit it!

Also, now our neighbors are dropping food into our yard. Great . . .

Oh, America. Land of the free and home of the sloppy.


2 thoughts on “Take It off the Shelves Already!

  1. Oh. My. Gosh. That’s happened a rediculous amount of times to us before! But our Walmart is ghetto. They don’t have self pay stations because people would shoplift, and there are open packages of food all over the place. Not to mention the employees are CRUEL.

    Out here in MI, there are only two options for groceries unless you want to spend five bucks on a loaf of bread. So we HAVE to go to Walmart.

    Anyway, the worst case we’ve had is my mom bought a case of Horizon milks (they come in little juice boxes, and they stay on the shelf). When my brother took a sip, he spit it out. Upon checking the expiration date, we discovered it expired in May 2014.

    That happened about three weeks ago.

    So we now check the expiration dates religiously. People are so greedy to sell something it sickens me. 😞


    1. Oh wow . . . O.O Our store isn’t even that bad, but the employees still think it’s fine to leave in a few expired food products. (Although maybe that’s why they think it’s fine; who would think to check?) Yup, a greed problem for sure, unfortunately.
      Thanks for commenting, though! ❤


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