Believing isn’t really “Believing”

This. This is what faith is all about.

Musings of a Redeemed Sinner

So i’m going to throw one of my former Pastor’s under the bus with this story but He will remain nameless…. but you know who you are.

One day I was sitting in the lounge at church talking to one of my ministry partners, from where we were sitting you can easily see the whole parking lot and my car was right by the window. We are just sitting there chatting away when I see my Pastor walk out to my car and start jiggling the handle. At this point I’m thinking to myself “That sneaky dog, he’s trying to prank my car!” But he keeps at it and takes a step back and pulls out his keys and tries to unlock the door with the unlock button on his key chain. This is where I realize “Oh my gosh he actually thinks this is his car.” He than takes…

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