May the Forth Be With You! ((ARCHIVED))



What? That was two months ago? Whoops, my bad.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Or Independence Day, if you prefer.

Well, it’s almost over in most of the country, but we can still celebrate, right? Woo!

I’m a proud American citizen.

Is America a perfect country?


Has America ever been a perfect country?


But I love it all the same.

Sure, God comes first. My allegiance lies with Him above all, so if the country orders me to disobey Him, I’d disobey my country instead. Luckily, that doesn’t happen often in America. (It’s actually illegal to force someone to disobey their god/God!)

However, America always has and always will be my home.

We’ve produced scientists, thinkers, poets, authors, musicians, and all sorts of wise people.

Everyone here is a mix of something; your ancestry is hardly ever strictly American, with the exception of Native Americans. (Love you guys!) America is the melting pot.

Poles, Brits, Swedes, Spaniards, Africans, Mexicans, Irishmen, Indians, Russians, you name it, it’s somewhere in our ancestry. We’re the entire world centered in one place.

We have a fascinating history, too! Maybe this year you can head to your local library and read up about all the amazing people that helped found our country.

Am I always proud of America?


There are some days I’m disappointed about where we’ve gone, but that’s okay.

At the end of the day, this is home. No matter how it’s run or what’s going on in the crazy world of politics, I love our history, I love our people, and I love living here.

Perhaps the one thing I don’t love is the fear that my house might burn tonight.

Our city is pretty lax on fireworks rules; nothing that goes more than six feet, they say. Well, a few neighbors are shooting stuff up to twenty feet. That can’t be legal.

It doesn’t help that our town is surrounded by miles of dry grass.

But hey, let’s celebrate our freedom by shooting off illegal fireworks! Or, as my dad says, showing everyone that we have bombs . . . from China, no less!

Hope you’ve had a great Independence Day, fellow Americans. And too all you non-Americans out there, tip a hat to your country as well, because even if it’s not perfect, I’m sure it’s pretty darn amazing.

With any luck, no one’s house will get burned down tonight.

God bless America!


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