Fire, Fire, and, Hey, More Fire!

Photo credit: Carly Ulrich

Watching the news the morning after the Forth of July is always an interesting time. Wildfires, deaths, scared dogs . . . all caused by fireworks!

I have nothing against fireworks. I love fireworks! But seriously, people, use some judgement! Yes, on the Forth, we celebrate our freedom, but guess how much freedom you’re going to have in jail, buddy!

I saw plenty of illegal fireworks around our neighborhood last night, but I don’t think anyone was hurt–I hope. It scares me sometimes, considering our neighborhood is surround by miles of dry grass. And our city has some of the most lenient fireworks laws! Probably not a good idea.

Sparklers are fun. Head down to your local fairgrounds to catch the fireworks show at nine. But for the love of Pete, please don’t shoot twenty-foot-high bombs down the street from my house!

Luckily, we also live right down the street from the fire station, so . . .

Don’t believe me when I say that fireworks are potentially dangerous? Take a look at these headlines:

Wildfires in Idaho.

Wildfires in Washington.

Firefighters knowing what they’re up against this year.

A man with very poor judgement who said, “Hey, I think I’m going to blow myself up for this Forth of July!”

Granted, the last one had alcohol involved–yet another reason I think people with poor judgement should stay away from fireworks.

Hey, go ahead, shout at me, chew me out, whatever.

But while you’re out there shooting off illegal fireworks to celebrate your freedom, there are parents and kids–like me–huddled in our rooms watching the D.C. fireworks show and praying that a stray spark doesn’t catch our house on fire.

Then again, after we make it through the night, it’s always half-amusing, half-depressing to watch the news and see how many bad things happened because of stupid people.

Oh well. We all know firework bans aren’t gonna help.

After all, like my grandpa says, “You can’t fix stupid.”


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