Look at That Cute Puppy Face!

The other day while we were in the backyard, I took some more pics of my beagle, Scooby. He’s an adorable thing, if a tad bit pesky and feisty at times. Just look at that face, though!

The Lone Beagle--bestseller right there.

The Lone Beagle–bestseller right there.


This ball is my ball. My ball!


A day well played. Nap time!



6 thoughts on “Look at That Cute Puppy Face!

  1. The one with the ball in his mouth is the epitome of sarcasm. Do you see that squint? He’s saying, “Really? Really. Why on earth would I give it back? Did ANYONE see what she did with it last time? Flung it clear across the yard! And then she expects me to go get it and bring it back!” LOVE IT!!!


  2. Oh my gosh! I absolutely adore your dog! My mom will FREAK. She’s a hound fan….like I πŸ‘ Love it! And his name….so cute! 😍🐢❀️


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