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VBS – Very Biblically Serving


Well, it’s that time of year again: VBS! All you church kids out there know what I’m talking about. You’re probably sighing as you remember the days of wandering from classroom to classroom, watching videos, playing games, singing songs (and learning the motions), eating snacks, and hearing about God’s word.

Unfortunately, I’m all grown up now . . . well, not all grown up, but too old for VBS, anyway. But not too old to help!

This will be my third year helping at VBS. Not in a row, since our church didn’t have VBS two years ago. But they brought it back last year, and they’re doing it again now! So my mom signed up to be a leader, one of my brothers and I signed up to be helpers, and my youngest brother signed up to go to it–this’ll be his last year!

However, I learned something this morning: I’m not going to be a helper!

Okay, let me rephrase that.

I’m not going to be a helper, because I’m going to be a leader!

Helpers are middle school/high school students who, well, help the adult leader of each VBS “crew” (you know, the group of kids around the same age who spend the whole time together). Apparently not many adults signed up, because out of ten groups, six are led by high school students, five of whom only just finished their first year of high school! And I’m in one of those six groups! Ah!

Not that I’m complaining; it’ll be pretty fun to boss around my two middle school helpers! Hopefully the higher-up leaders of VBS will teach us all what we need to know. Still, that’s pretty different from what I’ve done in the past. I’m going to be in charge of our crew, and I’ll be making all the executive decisions. This might not be so bad . . .

I’ll definitely be praying to God for help and strength this week. Though I don’t have an extreme passion to work with little kids, I can do it if I put my mind to it. Still, not through my own strength, but through God’s. That’s honestly a lot less scary! Now I don’t have to rely on myself.

Still, wish me luck! I’ve got a group of about seven or eight first graders, and two middle school helpers to boot–I’m pretty sure both of them were kids in my group last year!

Ah, I’m going to be the adult in the group! I’m really excited, but pretty nervous too . . .

Help me, Lord!

And in other news, in case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t really been doing Writing Tip Tuesdays lately. I’ve been really busy with summer homework, Bible studies, and preparing for a local missions trip the week after VBS–we’re putting on a sports camp, and I’m on the music team. So learning the motions and meeting with my group has kept me away from other things. Hopefully after the sports camp is over, I’ll finally be free to write more.

Anyway, just a little update about life. You guys probably don’t care, but hey, this is a blog, right? It’s about life and stuff (see the category this is posted in; I didn’t even do that on purpose!). Well, this is my life.

So, VBS starts on Monday. Prayers are appreciated, for the kids and all the leaders involved. Safety is obviously a concern, but just that the kids would have a good time and learn more about Jesus. Maybe a few will even give their lives over to God. You never know!

Man, I love VBS!


4 thoughts on “VBS – Very Biblically Serving

  1. Oooooh! I haven’t been to VBS in years! Almost since I lived in Cali…. Back when I was four or five, I used to tell my mom every Sunday when we dropped my little brother off at Sunday school that I wanted to help. Moving out here, I didn’t ever get a chance, but I’m plenty busy babysitting. 🙂 I love little kids…..and so for that reason most of my friends are under the age of seven. Lol XD

    You’ll do great! Just be crazy and bright, like if you’re doing color groups, then bring color hair chalk or something XD I do that for softball all the time. Did my little sister’s whole 7/8 yr. team in sparkly hair glitter. Good times XD I’m sure you’ll be awesome! Have fun 🙂


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