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Sing It Loud!

One thing you absolutely need to know about me: I’m obsessed with music. Really. A lot. I know a lot of people don’t like the Apple Music thing, but I really love it! I’ve added so many songs to my playlists in the past few weeks.

I’m into a lot of different genres, too. My favorite’s rock, but I also like gospel/Christian, alternative, instrumentals, and even some pop. Basically the only thing I won’t listen to is metal. Too much screaming.

Of course, well, being the uber-stereotypical Christian girl I am, I don’t listen to anything with swearing, and the slightest reference to sex is enough to make turn the music off. (That’s enough to make me stay away from most pop, and a whole ton of rap.) But trust me, there’s plenty of music out there that doesn’t contain that stuff. Good music, too!

My favorite artists list could go on and on. TobyMac, Jamie Grace, Skillet, Building 429, We As Human, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Imagine Dragons, Ashes Remain, Owl City, Anthem Lights, MercyMe, Casting Crowns, Immediate Music, Audio Adrenaline, Brandon Heath, Britt Nicole, Chris Tomlin, Colton Dixon, Francesca Battistelli, Red, Tenth Avenue North, Two Steps from Hell, Audiomachine, Third Day, Switchfoot, Nine Lashes . . . you get the idea yet?

I refuse to sing in front of people, but I have a lot of songs on my phone that I can’t resist singing to if I’m alone in my room. This is the only I’m currently obsessed with:

Hmm, pretty dark, huh? It’s been the inspiration for many story ideas. I found it when a friend on FanFiction.Net used it as a soundtrack in her story. I am forever in her debt.

Here’s another one that’s been stuck in my head for a few days now:

Pretty sweet song. Casting Crowns is good with the realism and writing touching and beautiful songs. I want to use this one as inspiration for a new fanfic of mine about Tasha Davenport, a character on Lab Rats–my favorite show, in case you didn’t know that already.

And then there’s the one Sabrina Carpenter song I like. I’m not really a fan of her music, but I like this song. (Plus, it came out of a great movie with an absolutely fantastic actress playing one of the leads!)

Pretty peppy and stuff. Not typically my style, but it’s fun to dance to when no one else is around! Plus it’s the soundtrack for the first chapter of my new fanfiction War Torn (which will come out sometime this fall).

If you want to skip back to the Christian genre, there’s another fantastic song by MercyMe:

Such a great song about standing up for our faith! Plus, pretty catchy lyrics. Now is our time, now is our turn, to burn baby, burn baby!

Hmm, what else?

Okay, if you’ve never heard this song, you’re missing out on life:

Bouncy, truthful, and pretty convicting. Also, totally something I listen to while writing a story.

If you want something that reminds you how amazing God is:

Mmm, beautiful!

Ashes Remain is a wonderful group with stunning lyrics in their songs. Don’t believe me?

The pure desperation in that song blows my mind. And isn’t that some amazing guitar?

One more, one more!

Want a great Christian dancing song?

Get me outta my mi-i-i-i-ind! Outta my mi-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ind! I dare you to listen to it and not dance. It’s impossible!

Did this post really have a point?


But hey, we as human beings tend to love pretty sounds, and there’s so much amazing music out there! I wanted to share some with you. I don’t know if someone would really go through all those songs and listen to every single one, but those are my suggestions if you’d like to give it a shot! I’ll probably post more from time to time, in this “Music Speaks” category, which comes from the saying “When words fail, music speaks.”

To close this out, I’m going to show you guys my favorite song of all time. If you don’t listen to any others that I’ve posted here, I hope you’ll listen to this one at least. Enjoy, and have a wonderful, music-filled day!


4 thoughts on “Sing It Loud!

  1. Rock! I’m with you! Favorite genre 😊 I seriously think you’d love U2. They’re so original…..their songs make you think. Like ‘Iris’. I seriously cried when I read the lyrics. 😢 Completely clean, though they’re from Ireland and they often sing about the church history there. So songs like ‘Sunday, Bloody Sunday’ aren’t trying to vulgar, they’re talking about the Troubles and how it tore apart families.

    And they’re old. Like, my mom remembers getting their first album back in fifth grade. Still has it in her music somewhere!😆 Started out as a Christian band, but not quite anymore. Has a ridiculous amount of Biblical references in their songs. Cracks me up they’ve still ‘got it.’ 😃

    You totally got me into Imagine Dragons. My brother is now convinced is a bad influence. 😂 Haven’t tried Apple Music yet, but I’m completely addicted to iTunes Radio.
    I’ll probably look into it tonight 😃

    Also, love most all of those songs 👆Great post!


    1. I’ll have to try them sometime. They sound good. 🙂

      Imagine Dragons is great. 😀 And your bother may not be wrong . . . nah, I kid! FF is great! XD And I totally suggest Apple Music. Worth every penny.



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