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VBS – Very Blessed and Sleepy

Woo! I made it through my first VBS as a leader! Figured I’d update here, in case any of you were curious or something like that.

It went well! I had a group of first and second graders, and they were the sweetest things on the planet. One of the boys was in kindergarten, and he was the one who needed to go the bathroom and was constantly restless, but otherwise, they were amazing. Getting them to listen was difficult, but I expected that. Overall, they did better than I thought they would.

My crew assistants were fantastic as well! They did everything I asked, no fights, no arguments. It was kinda funny, because I was their crew assistant last year when they were still campers! For their first time helping, they did spectacular. I don’t think I could’ve asked for better helpers. One of them–I’ll call him Salvador–got tackled on the second-to-last day . . . well, he got tackled everyday, but this day was special because his right hand got entirely covered in red marker. Entirely. He came back the next day, and it was still there. I applaud him for being so willing to play with the kids and drew their attention when I had to attend to other matters. And my other helper–aka Sandy–was wonderful as well. She was great at wrangling the kids when I started to get overwhelmed. Honestly, I don’t think the week could’ve gone better.

One more story! Each crew got a big stuffed turtle to carry around all week. At the end of the week, unbeknownst to the kids, one of them would get to take it home. In our group, it wound up being the girl who loved the turtle the most. That worked out! Anyway, I personally think that our turtle had the best name out of any of them: Shelly Waffle YoYoSwag. You should’ve seen us marching through the church, chanting our turtle’s name as we went. Hey, it might not be biblical, but it sure was catchy! It got us dismissed first from opening one day.

I think some of the leaders were upset about not being able to take the turtles home (I know Salvador was), but each of us got our own little turtles, all made by women at our church!

Meet Shelly Waffle YoYoSwag Junior!
Meet Shelly Waffle YoYoSwag Junior!

Isn’t he cute? That was our thank you present from Children’s Ministries for helping.

So yeah, gist of this is, VBS went great! Sorry I’ve been offline for so long. As you can imagine, leading a group of ten first graders is tiring. VBS went all morning, and the afternoons were full of naps and video games.

I’m afraid I won’t be on again anytime soon; have I mentioned that I’m helping out with a local missions trip to hold a sports camp nearby? That starts Monday. Well, technically Monday is the rehearsal, and the next three days are camp. It’ll be interesting, since the different groups (I’m on the song team) haven’t done the best job of getting together. It’s really hard this time of year! Anyway, I’ll have to be at the park by eight in the morning for four days in a row. Yay, more exhaustion!

As mentioned, I’m on the song team. We’ve got to learn the motions to six different songs and be prepared to teach them to the kids . . . which I don’t think we are. We’re supposed to meet either really late tomorrow night or really early Monday morning to go over them one more time before we start. Oh, this will be very interesting. I think I’m pretty much ready; still nervous, though!

God, more strength would be awesome! I’m going to be drop-dead tired by the end of this week. But thank you for these opportunities to serve my community! Help the kids to be touched by all we have to teach them this week.

Mmm, anything else?

Oh! It’s nothing super-big, but I got a new Bible! Why? Well, here’s mine:

Goodbye, book of Genesis!
Goodbye, book of Genesis!

Moral of the story: Do not put a water bottle in the same backpack you keep your Bible in! Well, it was church camp, I didn’t want to hold my water in my hand, and I made a stupid choice. Whatever. It was probably time for that Bible to be done anyway. The corners are ripped, the pages are worn, and there are so many different marks I can’t read certain passages anymore. I’ve had it for eight and a half years now. Time for a new one!

The problem?

That Bible is NIV84. They don’t make NIV84 anymore. And I don’t really like the new NIV. I like the Bible I have. NIV is my favorite, and I didn’t want to get another one. I do have an ESV and NASB on my bookshelf, but NIV is the one for me!

Now where to get one?

Thank heaven for CBD. Gotta love them!

So, I got a new Bible, NIV84 translation, and it’s a teen Bible, as opposed to the kiddish one I had before! It’s a little bit strange; for example, there’s only one column on each page. (Psalms looks weird! Lots of white . . .) But, honestly, it was the best Bible I found on the site. Plus, if I utterly despise it, I’ll pull down my ESV and learn to read with that one. No harm, no foul.

New vs. Old. (I covered my name for the sake of privacy.)
New vs. Old. (I covered my name for the sake of privacy.)

Well, that’s my life! Now to go work on my songs for  sports camp. Six very exciting, very dance-y (that’s a word now) songs. Ugh. After that, it’s nap time!

~ Rosie


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