I’m Back! ((ARCHIVED))


Because I really do suck at schedules.

Anyway, to start off, let me say that the fire near our house was extinguished later that afternoon, and while we wound up with a lot of ash in our yard, nothing else happened. No one was hurt, and no structures were damaged. Praise the Lord!

Now if you would be so kind as to pray for these people. I’ve seen them all over the news this week, and it’s so sad what they’re having to go through right now. Thoughts and prayers are with them!

And as for our missions trip . . .

If you read my post, An Answered Prayer, you know that our first day of the missions trip was a little disappointing. No neighborhood kids showed up at all. The second day, our youth pastor brought his children and another teenager helping us brought his siblings. We put on the camp for five kids who had heard the gospel a hundred times. The next day they brought their neighbors, and we had ten kids. So, no kids from the area, but we still got to put on camp . . . even if we knew those guys already.

A few things God taught us this week:

  • Patience
  • Working together as a team
  • Waiting on His timing
  • Swallowing our pride
  • Praying sincerely
  • Serving a community
  • Encouraging others
  • And even pastors mess up, but at least they’re humble enough to admit it

(I’m not going into detail on that last one, sorry.)

So yeah, I wouldn’t say the week was a total loss. Besides, we planted a seed. We were a group of kids doing good in an area overrun by gangs. (The picnic tables had swear words written on them . . .) We picked up trash around the park and left it looking more beautiful than when we arrived. Another church will be going in there in a few months to minister to them, so I’m praying that we were able to open a door. Even if it didn’t work out the way we expected, it worked out. Isn’t God amazing?

Those are all the updates I have for right now. Figured I’d say something and not leave y’all hanging–which I tend to do way too often.

Oh! One more thing! I got the mobile app for WordPress, so hopefully that means I will start updating a bit more, since I get on my phone more often than I get on my computer. Yay!

That’s it for now! Bye!

~ Rosie


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