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Drawing Lab Rats – Adam Davenport

One of my favorite things to do is to draw pictures I find. Trying to copy the picture exactly is thrilling for me. Last week, I did this with a picture I found of Adam Davenport from Lab Rats. Take a look:

Here’s the drawing in pencil before I colored it: 


And here’s my reference:

Things I think I did well:

  • Adam’s smile, even if the teeth were hard and wound up looking kinda weird.
  • His right hand and the way it’s wrapped around the bowl.
  • His hair. I suck at boy hair, but Adam’s in this picture is the best I’ve ever drawn.
  • The chair he’s sitting in.
  • The background.

Things I think I did poorly:

  • Adam’s left hand. It’s way too small.
  • His eyes. He should’ve been squinting more.
  • The lines on his face. They look worse in the colored version for sure.
  • The angles of his armor. That didn’t really turn out quite the way I wanted.

Overall, though, I really like it. It was done with nothing more than a sheet of paper, a mechanical pencil, and a pack of Twistables colored pencils. The whole thing probably took me a little less than two hours. Remember, no tracing. I did this by looking at the picture and trying to copy what I saw onto the paper.

I’d like to do something like this with the other Lab Rats characters, as well as some of the scenes from the show. If any of you Lab Rats fans out there have a suggestion for a moment from the show or minor character you’d like me to draw (I will be drawing all major ones, so don’t suggest them), feel free to let me know with a comment, or PM me over on FanFiction if you came from there.

Anyway, hope you guys like this! Keep an eye out for more Lab Rats drawings, coming soon!


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