Life 'n' Stuff

Occupational Hazard

Some people fall off ladders or get hurt by machinery. Writers, well, we get stuff like this:


That is my hand, which is currently killing me!

The wrist stabilizer is just to make sure I don’t hurt it more. This has happened before, so I know I’ll be fine. But in the meantime, ouch!

I’ll be a teen with carpel tunnel syndrome. Yay!

Not yet, anyway, but I wouldn’t be shocked if I got it one day.

All this means for now is an aching wrist and . . . deep breath . . . no writing. At least for this evening while I let it rest.

Taking away my ability to write is like taking away my ability to breathe. Why, hand, why?

Hopefully it’s better tomorrow. I’ve got a sci-fi fanfiction epic to write!

On the bright side, I get to spend this evening watching Mom’s Night Out and eating ice cream. Yay!

I’m not complaining, though. Just talking about life and letting my readers know that updates may be slow (hey, a rhyme!) until my hand gets better.

Take care of your hands, kids!

Also, I was going to type this out (on my phone) with my left hand because I should, but I somehow wound up using my right pointer finger to type the whole thing. Whoops.

So I’m a girl with an injured right hand who sucks at doing things with her left hand. This’ll be fun.

Life amuses me with its irony.


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