Christian Women

Today is my birthday, and as I’ve thought back over my life, something very important stuck out to me. It’s stuck out to me before, and today I gave it some serious thought. You see, my mom’s been praying all my life for God to put good Christian women in my life. Has He answered that pray? Well . . .

There has not been a single time in my life when I have not been surrounded by good, godly women. Not once. From my AWANA leader to my Bible study teacher to my high-school small-group leader, I have always had these women. They’re mentors and friends, teachers and leaders, supporters and critics. But they’ve always been there.

Even when I moved across two states to a new town where I didn’t know anyone, I kept in touch with my old sixth grade small-group leader until I got settled here and met the women that still lead me today.

I can easily count a dozen such ladies over the course of my life, and the list grows every year. Surrounded is the perfect word.

These women always point me back to Christ, and they’ve taught me what it looks like to be a good Christian woman. Anyone who thinks the Bible’s ideals are restrictive should meet these ladies, because they are awesome (and by “awesome,” I literally mean “inspiring awe”). They’ve shown me what faithfulness, mercy, compassion, love, joy, peace, perseverance, and holiness all really mean.

And of course at the top of that list of awesome women in my life is my very own mother and her mom. The two have been there from the start, showing me what good Christian marriages look like (my grandparents just celebrated 50 years together) and how to live as a women for God. They have brought me up to fear God, and I thank Him every day for such a wonderful family.

I’m a junior in high school, which means I’m looking at colleges. I don’t have to question it or think about it: I know God will give me great female mentors to lead me during my college years. He always has. Blessed is the word I’m looking for, I believe. I am blessed, both by my mother’s prayers for my life and by God’s eternal goodness.

When I’m arguing about God with somebody, I like to use scientific evidence, because that’s the way my mind works. I go right to the historical and empirical, not the emotional. But if I need to, I can argue from my personal experience. Really, the way God has put such wonderful ladies in my life–always–is beyond amazing.

So to all the Christian women who have known me, taught me, and loved me–from the ones I haven’t talked to in a decade to the ones I saw just last week–thank you. You are all a literal answer to prayer. Thank you for allowing God to use you in my life, and for showing me how I should live.

To my mother, my grandmother, my teachers, my mentors, and my friends:

Thank you, and may God bless you richly for all you have done.


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