No Uterus, No Opinion

The pro-life movement is run by a bunch of old white men.

Except . . . this isn’t even remotely true. Not even a little bit. Not even slightly. It’s so wrong, in fact, that I genuinely don’t know where this idea came from other than a baseless smear by the pro-life movement’s political opponents. No one who has claimed this has ever seen a pro-life group, club, march, organization, or gathering. Clearly.

A frequent saying told to male pro-lifers (and anonymous female pro-lifers) is “no uterus, no opinion.” First of all, that seems awfully transphobic, wouldn’t you say? Second of all, no, that is horrendously sexist of you to imply that men can’t have a say in an issue that does indeed affect them (not in the same way it affects women, but it affects them nonetheless). Third of all, fine, let’s say you silence all men with that perfect little tagline. There’s just one problem: a significant number of people with a uterus will still be saying exactly the same thing.

I am a woman. I am a 19-year-old woman. I am not an old white man. I do not hate women. I love women, which is why I am pro-life. I love the women who are fighting for their lives in the womb, and I love the women who are terrified out of their minds and are being manipulated by pro-choice megalomaniacs like Planned Parenthood advocates. I will continue to fight for women’s rights for as long as I am alive, and that means making abortion not only illegal but unthinkable. As long as abortion is around, women will be manipulated and hurt. Yes, abortion regret is a real thing. Yes, women (not to mention the tiny humans inside them) are hurt and even killed by abortions. Yes, women are manipulated into getting abortions they don’t want by their abusive fathers, husbands, and boyfriends. I care about these women. I don’t want them to be hurting anymore. I want to offer better solutions that don’t involve taking another life. I don’t want to manipulate women, because I am a woman, and I deeply care about other women.

Unlike so many who blatantly assume the pro-life moment is male-driven, I have attended pro-life groups, clubs, marches, and organizations. You know what I see when I’m there? Women. Lots of them. Not only women, but young women, black women, Hispanic women. I even see several women who have gotten abortions themselves. And no, this is not an anecdotal piece of evidence. This is the pro-life movement. This is who we are. These are the women who lead us.

Lila Rose. Abby Johnson. Melissa Ohden. Ashley Bratcher. Laura Klassen. Jeanne F. Mancini. These women are not low-level figures in the pro-life movement. They’re responsible for Live Action, the Unplanned movie, the Abortion Survivors Network, Choice42, and the March for Life. They, along with hundreds of other prominent female leaders and millions of other (though quieter) pro-life women across the country, are the pro-life movement. It’s women. Hi. We’re here. We care about children and other women. Please stop telling the men who agree with us that they can’t have an opinion because honey, we’re only going to tell you the exact same thing.

It has been amazing to me to get involved in the pro-life movement this year and see how many women are fighting for basic human rights. The president of our pro-life club on my campus was a woman, and over 80% of the regular members were also women. This doesn’t shock me. Women are empathetic and care deeply when people are struggling or in pain. I am not surprised that there are so many women involved, but I am surprised that so few people know this. It sincerely must be that those who are pro-choice do not even briefly engage with their opponents. I have no other explanation. They are either not observant or willfully blind. Pro-life women are everywhere. Look up pictures of the 2019 March for Life. Once you’re done gawking at the sheer number of participants, take note of how many are females (hint: it’s a lot).

That being said, honestly, it makes me sad that the pro-life movement is female-dominated. I wish we had more men on our side. I understand that they may fear backlash from sexist individuals claiming to feminists, but we need them, too! Pro-life men are some of the most fantastic people on the planet. Ladies, if you want to know if your man is a good person, ask him if he’s pro-life. Pro-life (and by this I mean genuine men who care enough to fight for the rights of the unborn children no matter what the cost) are kind, respectful, and responsible. They are not coercive or cruel. They care and they want to help. By very nature of what it means to be pro-life, they are good to humanity as a whole, and I promise you that (again, if they are truly pro-life) they will treat their women with the utmost respect and dignity. Because abortion is such an abhorrent option, they never use it as a way to control women, as so many “pro-choice” men do.

Indeed, there are many good men in the pro-life movement. Matt Walsh is outspoken in his defense of the unborn. One of the most important men in our country, Vice President Mike Pence, is a supporter of the right to life, and I’m grateful to have him on our side. We need more, however. We need more ordinary men to come alongside us and support true womanhood. We need men who embrace their masculine responsibility to protect and cherish their wives and children.

Men, listen to me. We need you. If you’re on the fence, don’t be anymore. Abortion is the greatest human rights violation of our time. People are dying. We can’t have you fooling around with your girlfriends and not taking an interest in anything. Buck up. Put on your big boy pants, learn to respect your girl and her body, and sacrifice all you’ve got to take care of any children you conceive, no matter the circumstances of their conception. You are strong and capable leaders, and you can be such a great help to us. Masculinity is dying, but it is absolutely vital for the survival of the human race. Stop letting yourself be pushed down, and push back. Fight for something. Get married and honor your wife by never abusing her or manipulating her. Become a father and be present in the lives of your children as a good role model of either the kind of man they should be or the kind of man they should marry when they grow up. Don’t cave in to a society that tells you you’re worthless or can’t have a voice. Have a voice! Speak up! Quit wasting your days watching brain-liquidating porn on your computer and start treating the women in your life like they matter. Above all else, do not be “pro-choice” and perpetuate a system that has kept women trapped, vulnerable, and abused for centuries.

We need men in the pro-life movement. We need women in the pro-life movement. We’re growing immensely, and we need support. Abortion is not an on-the-fence issue. Either you think people are being killed or you don’t, and if you do, then you cannot sit back and let it happen. I don’t care if you have a uterus or not. You have an opinion. Voice it. Speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves.

Yes, I’m a woman. Yes, I am anti-abortion. I am vehemently anti-abortion, in the same way I am anti-slavery, anti-homicide, and anti-sex-abuse. My morals have nothing to do with my gender, so don’t try to shut me or anyone else up for the way they were born. There is room in our advocacy for anyone who cares about human life. So please, stop perpetuating lies. We need more men, not less. I’m not sexist. Men, I welcome you. Thanks for coming. Get ready for the fight of your lives.


A pro-life woman

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