My name is Daphne Rose.

I love Jesus. I love writing. I love combining them. I hope to be an English major with an emphasis in creative writing and a minor in theology. My heart lies in fiction and the vast worlds that I can create with my fingertips, but I will also write nonfiction when it centers on a topic I love. I aspire to write devotionals, novels, theology books, and maybe even scripts for videos or plays.

My favorite verse is Ecclesiastes 12:13: “Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind.” My favorite pastime other than writing is seeing how the Bible fits together so perfectly and marveling over the greatest saga of all time: The story of Jesus.

My purpose with this blog is to write about the things I love most. I want to show the world how amazing my great God is, and share some of my writing while I’m at it. I’ll post some snippets of my fiction works alongside studies into the deeper aspects of the Bible. Those will be the two main things I post, although I might also write about my personal life from time to time.

A few things about me: I’m a senior in high-school, I’m homeschooled, and I love history, crafting, drawing, reading, and spending time with my family. My favorite version of the Bible is NIV84, but since those are uncommon nowadays, my second pick is the ESV. I’ve grown up in either nondenominational or Baptist churches. I’m a theology nerd. I’ve lived in three different states in my life, and I have a beagle named Scooby. (If you search far enough down my posts, you might find pictures of him.)

It should be noted that I started this blog a while back with no purpose to it other than writing whatever I wanted and updating people on my fanfiction writing. That was years ago, and a lot has changed. I’ve deleted some of my early blog posts, but others I’ve kept around for sentimental purposes. Those that I don’t care for people to see but I also don’t want to delete are labeled ((ARCHIVED)). You may read them if you wish, but know that they were written a long time ago by a much more immature girl with no vision for her writing. They have had all the tags and categories removed, and I’m hoping that they will get buried under my new posts as I write with a better purpose.

Navigating my site:

Student – This is where I keep posts about my life. They range from photos of my dog to thanking my readers to quick life updates. Essentially, it’s for anything that’s not theological or fictional.

Author – Here I keep my fiction writings. Poems, short stories, prompts, even short paragraphs that I’ve written to inspire myself. The posts can range from thousands of words long to less than a hundred.

Christian – All my theological musings about the nature of God, Biblical truths, and anything else related to my faith. This will most likely be the category I update in most often.

If you have any questions about my writing, my beliefs, or me in general, feel free to comment below. I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say!


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    • Thanks for checking out my page! And no problem. It was a very accurate post. 🙂 And again, thanks! It always makes me happy to know that someone likes my stuff. ^_^


    • No problem! I like reading about mental illness and working–as someone who doesn’t have a mental illness–to break the stigma. (Which is one thing I plan to do through my writing. ;)) And thanks so much for the encouragement! ❤


  1. Hello Rosie!

    (I know this is the most inappropriate means of connecting with you…but this is the avenue I could find. Please forgive me)

    Calvary greetings to you in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Awesome work you are doing on your blog.

    God be praised forever!

    My name (in short) is Tim and I am the administrator of the newly unveiled Christian Social Community: Rhemalog.

    Craving your indulgence, I will quickly like to intimate you on our purpose, goals and objectives.

    Rhemalog is a compound word, coined from “Rhema” and “Log”.
    It means, putting into writing(Log), your encounters in the Word of God(Rhema).
    Sharing with the beloved, the things that God has shown unto you in His Word.

    Rhemalog is established by the leading of the Holy Spirit, as a platform to enrich and impact the body of Christ all over the World!

    You will agree that there is a lot of degradation going on.
    Abuse, spiritual contaminations and pollutions.

    All you need is to refresh your social-media pages long enough…then boom!
    There you have it, in your face!
    Wouldnt it be awesome to have a sanctified environment?

    A platform built solely for the Children of God.
    Devoid of negativity around us, but filled with inspirations, encouragements and above all, the WORD OF GOD!

    This is our driving force.
    The clarion call that moved us to put Rhemalog in place.

    And this is our call to you: Would you like to join us?

    As one of the major (Christian) thinkers and opinion-makers out there, logically, it is a no-brainer that we need you, especially since our main goal is to ensure that the people are well fed.

    We need your insightful thoughts. Inspirational ideas. Well written pieces. We need YOU!

    We need you, not only as a member, but also as an A-List contributor.

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    – Personal Blogging feature
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    Should you decide to join us now:

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    Well, “gold and silver” we have not.
    But can you help us be a blessing to the children of God out there?

    It will be a huge honour and we will be waiting for you.

    rhemalog.com is the address.

    Thanks and may God keep His face shining on you.


    Rhemalog Community


    • Hi Tim!

      Wow, that sounds like an amazing thing you’re doing over there. Positive Christian communities are fantastic. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if I could join you–or at least right now. I’ve got quite a bit on my plate as it is, and I don’t know if I would be able to handle having yet another site where people expect me to update on a regular basis. However, I will definitely think it over, and get back to you if I have more time. I hope you understand! Regardless of whether I join or not, though, I’ll definitely be praying for everything you’re doing,



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